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The “Sekthaus St. Laurentius” is looking back to the tradition of a vintager family. Both for wine and sparkling wine: Quality by means of highest care an utmost individuality are the essentials. Product profile for sparkling wine comes from the careful choice of the appropriate basic wines, the classical method of production and – through lots of experience. 


People say that the very otset is difficult. At the “St. Laurentius Sekthaus” the start was rather cheerful and – some kind of explosive. The first series of about 30 bottles has been depleted not only by means of occasional testing but also through he sparkling wine itself escaping from its bottles – resulting in unintended saluting shorts for the start of a glorious development.

The classic method of fermentation in the bottle and the enthusiasm to strike new paths did not change since those “explosive” times when also the junior vintagers of Leiwen started their advancement in quality and reputation. Meanwhile, also the daughters Katja and Nadine – both enthusiastic for the sparkling valuables like their father – add their contribution.


Thus the house “St. Laurentius” is delighted with not only public recognition but also with the numerous fellow wine-growers using the possibilities of the “St. Laurentius Sekthaus” for their own sparkling wines.  


Alongside the river Mosel, Riesling is the classical grape used for the making of sparkling wines. St. Laurentius also takes profit of those thoroughbred, inspiring and freshening sparkling wines with which the Mosel has delighted connoisseurs already over a hundred years ago. Specialities from the Burgundy family known as Pino Champagne in the neighbouring country replenish the range on offer and provide interesting alternatives.


Classically fermented inside the bottle, shaken by hand an left in a traditionally long maturing storage – in a mutual exchange with close colleagues in the Champagne (Le Mesnil sur Oger) the team of St. Laurentius develops its sparkling wines. In doing so, refinement and fascination, character of grades and digestibility are the highest principles. In 2004 this quest has been rewarded for the fourth time by the DLG with the distinction of the best producer of sparkling wines in Germany. Furthermore the admission to the brotherhood of the champagne vintagers of Le Mesnil sur Oger represents a special motivation on the course taken.


The sparkling wines are highly appreciated by heads of states world wide, namely by the Swedish Royal Dynasty – the property St. Laurentius is the general warrant holder of the German Federal President at Bellevue Castle in Berlin.


Some practical hints:

Store in horizontal position

Serve at 5° - 8° Celsius

Can be stored up to 5 years

Sparkling wines not only fit perfectly to Hors d´Oeuvres and starters but also to light dishes! Just taste it!




Brut natural (2g remaining sweetness) and

Brut (10 g): very dry up to fine-fruity

Extra Dry (17 g): fine-fruity with a touch sweetness

Dry (24 g): medium-fruity




How to find us:

Leiwen is situated half-ways between

Trier and Bernkastel


From North or West:

Autobahn (motorway) A48/A1, Exit Föhren à Leiwen


From South:

Autobahn (motorway) A1, Exit Mehring à Mainz


Up to Büdlicherbrück, take left à Leiwen






 Sektgut St. Laurentius * Laurentiusstraße 4 * D-54340 Leiwen

Tel. +49 (0)6507 - 3836 * Fax: -3896 *